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    • New year is coming

      A short overview for the year 2015

      Since we moved to open source, a lot of things happened to the framework. Here is a short overview what we have done:
      - 875 commits in closed source (eventmgr was implemented here)
      - over 900 commits in open source
      - over 100 issues fixed reported by you on our github branch
      - Style changes everywhere
      - 939 issues fixed reported by static analytics coverity scan
      - dbc loader is nearly completly rewritten
      - database is developed by us and not by an external dev team (we changed a lot in our database)
      - and a lot more...

      We are a small group of people and we can be proud of ourselfs and our work we have done in 2015.

      What will happen in 2016?
      That's a good question and I can't answer it. It depends on you (and your creativity and skills). Feel free to work on an subsystem, discuss functions and create some awsome code to improve AscEmu.

      What should happen in 2016?
      Noting speciall, we should work on the issues on github and maybe do some promotion to grow our team and be more flexible/faster in writing code.

      The next few days we will clean some random stuff so be patient with us, it is christmas and we visit our families and friends too ;)

      Best Regards
      Thank you for your support