successful compile branch 2.4.3 abort msg on load exe's

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    • successful compile branch 2.4.3 abort msg on load exe's

      FIXED on my own, simple mistake not having configs filefolder in server folder.

      I compiled on two different machines get 0 errors and succesfully compiles. Run INSTALL project only and use the contents in that folder. All is there in the server folder I use to load up. Database is done, all is done. The only problem is I get instant abort on logon.exe and world.exe the dump file says Kernal.dll error on both machines and compiled on each machine carries same error per machine in dumpfile.

      Is there anything I can do to fix this?

      dump info:
      Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFB9CC0908C in dump-world.exe-25bdfddbd-2020-2-16-10-3-53-1816.dmp:
      Microsoft C++ exception: std::filesystem::filesystem_error at memory location 0x000000ECD67AF2D0. occurred

      says the exception is here at MSVC filesystem...I think a path to a dll is not right or something I have no idea
      [[noreturn]] inline void _Throw_fs_error(const char* _Op, __std_win_error _Error, const path& _Path1) {
      ---> _THROW(filesystem_error(_Op, _Path1, _Make_ec(_Error)));

      its trying to pull the path for configs file from /configs so to FIX this I just put a configs filefolder into the server folder and it read from the configs folder.

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