Zyres Blog 08/09/2019

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    • Zyres Blog 08/09/2019

      Welcome to the first blog post in 2019!

      I hope you survived somehow these really hot days.

      Packet serialisation
      Finally we have serialised most packets for most version. Sure, there are still some which require extensive refactoring, but we are on track with it.

      Appled started a huge rewrite of our broken spell system. There will be more changes to it and it might some old scripts but over all we could be happy about the direction since it is a major issue in our codebase.

      I have done some work on tbc, cata and some basics for mop. It becomes more and more useable and the initialised mess with multiversion is nearly resolved.

      General state
      We use C++17 features long before our competitors. We have the freedom to do whatever we like without a big outrage from the community. We have the ability to react and change our code dynamically with a fraction of team members.
      However we need more talented people for the core development (packet handling, threading, implementing new core features, ...)