Zyres Blog 08/18/2018

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    • Zyres Blog 08/18/2018


      I hope you are still alive after the hottest summer since years XD. Finally it is a few degrees colder and I'm back here with a short update.

      DB Updates
      Finally I layed my hands on the db update process and some new c++ features. Basically we use the experimental filesystem to check out the update files and the core will apply these files if needed. If you need further information about this check out our wiki: ascemu.github.io/Wiki/docs/unsorted/auto_update/

      Serialisation and Packethandlers
      I'm talking about serialisation constantly since weeks and I achieved a pretty good state now. Most major packets are already serialised and set to handle different versions. Sure there is a still a lot to do but I'm on the right way to handle it proper.

      Burning Crusade
      BC is finally useable in the sense of "ready to work on it". Unfortunately it is missing the spline movement like cataclysm. I already asked around but nobody is currently around for this task.

      Client crashes
      There was a lot of client crashes on all versions. These crashes where basically caused by a wrong replacement of the updatefields but it is now mostly gone.

      I was really bored during the hot weeks and I have created a new project AEWeb. AEWeb was created to provide a CMS for AE users as alternative since there is nothing else around the internet. It is written in pure php/javascript and I'm looking for some skilled people to develop it further.

      I'm looking for some enthusiastic developers discussing core functionality and content developers. If you are interested to contribute, feel free to do so.