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    • Welcome 2018

      It seems we forgot to welcome you to 2018! We're glad you made it into the new year, and we hope for some impressive contributions from you.

      Part of our vision is to provide strong support for multi-version, and in 2017 we proudly became one of the first projects to integrate multi-version within the same core codebase.

      What happened to the DB in general?
      With core multi-version, we had to decide how to provide the appropriate databases; as a result, we have made great strides with our database development efforts. To this end, we have begun work on producing a single database to support all versions within a single schema.

      The database is no longer downloadable via the forums, as they are dead at this point and most discussions take place on Discord. The database has been moved to a new repository at, with the "FullDB" folder containing the full tables and "Updates" holding all the update files.
      We have also recently added the WIP folder to hold all contributions; changes will remain there for a while before being merged into an update, giving you a chance to test, discuss and change unchecked contributions.

      Most table rows will contain information about the game version that data is valid for, enabling developers to compare version specific data without dealing with several other databases, and ideally, show how data has changed between patches; however, we first need to add this information before we can take advantage of it.

      What happened to the Wiki?
      After several years of use, we have terminated our MediaWiki instance. The primary reasons for this are that it attracted many bot registrations and it didn't fit into our workflow of "create a change, document it, release the change" well. Now, everyone familiar with Markdown can work on the wiki as it is hosted via GitHub Pages using Jekyll. You can find the repository at

      Once you are familiar with pull requests and markdown, you can update the wiki at any time and help make using AscEmu as simple as possible.

      Streaming seems to be a thing here?

      While being open-source is one thing, being open about our workflow is another! We sometimes stream ourselves working on AscEmu; no set schedule and people watching the stream usually have no context for what we're thinking when working on the source; we have, however, at least had some interesting discussions while writing code. :)

      What will happen next?
      Before discussing the future, we'd like to thank everyone who contributed up to this point. Without your help, we wouldn't be where we are. Thank you all for using your spare time to write, discuss and open pull requests!

      We have yet to rewrite a significant portion of the legacy codebase. We're well on our way, and I believe it's fair to say that AscEmu is no longer bound to the quirks of its predecessor. We've attained our own identity, and produced several exciting features for our project.

      There is more work to be done on multi-version and legacy code, though we're now just a few steps away from being back to working on content.

      Keep up the excellent work.

      Best regards,
      The AscEmu Team