Zyres Blog 11/06/2017

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    • Zyres Blog 11/06/2017

      Hello :)

      So what happened during the last month? Well, we removed MoonInstanceScripts yesterday and changed some important things for InstanceScripts in general.
      InstanceScripts now create boss encounter states by default and some states are set automatically (e.g. if a boss dies the state is set to finished, if a boss enters a fight, the state is set to progress). We can stop worry about these states and moving on with more important mechanics.
      Another important change happened to timers. Timers are stored and updated on the instance level. If a creature adds a timer it can be accessed by all other objects in this instance. All timers are now updated by the updatefrequency of InstanceScript. This has some interesting side effects. AIUpdate was mostly "abused" to resemble multiple timers by setting the AIUpdate frequency to different values from case to case which affects the scripts and will end in unexpected behavior.
      We moved some basic functions from MoonScriptCreatureAI to CreatureAIScript and rewrite most functions #NotAll. Beside all replacement and rewrite, we try to apply a general style for all old scripts. All scripts will be rewritten entirely someday and moved to the MapScripts project.

      Zallios and Appled contributed to the prject with spell related changes and I hope we will see more changes to spells in the future. The spellsystem, is a mess and I think every change to it will help to improve its behavior.

      sanctum32 is working on Instance scripts and we are happy someone is looking into it. Based on his questions and investigations we are able to improve the scripting stuff.

      We appreciate every discussion on Discord and the other contributiors like Inifield (thanks for commenting on commits from time to time).

      Roadmap to the next blog post:
      - Remove MoonScriptCreatureAI
      - Several changes to scripts
      - Several changes to spells
      - some db changes

      So I wish you good day.
      Best regards Zyres