Zyres Blog 10/06/2017

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    • Zyres Blog 10/06/2017

      Good morning

      I should give you a new blog post to sum up the changes made since Zyres Blog 9/24/2017

      During the rewrite of Instance and AIScripts from the Moon project, I found myselfe in the depths of AIInterface which mainly controles movement e.g. path generation from waypoints and collision. The result of it was, a lot of encapsulating and rewrite of waypointscripts.
      Beside waypoint scripts we do the extra mile researching spline functions like knockback, jump and charge. Aaron02 reported a problem with creatures jumping around which is now resolved.

      Do never use the develop branch if you are not a developer... we work on this branch until everything is tested, so you should stick with our master branch if you want to use it.

      It seems we have to invest more time in AI- and InstanceScripting to give you one working solution for these scripts.

      Best regards