Zyres Blog 9/24/2017

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    • Zyres Blog 9/24/2017

      Good afternoon,

      welcome to my first blog post here on AE. I think this is the best format to inform you about my/our work on AscEmu.

      We finally invest some love in the scripting projects. Back in 2011 Paroxysm startet the gossip menu rewrite. Unfortunately all old arcscripts stopped working since r4106. jackpoz fixed it a month later but the old and new gossip coexisted in the source. the arcscript team have no intention to update the scripts to the new gossip system. I removed the old gossip system entirely and updated all arcscripts to the new system.
      Most hardcoded values was transferred to our database in 2015/2016 by us and we created a new table to handle gossip menus/submenus with it during the last week. The basic implementation can be found here: Basic implementation gossip menu/submenu

      Arcscripts are a nightmare, mostly bad scripted with a lot of crap inside them.We updated/changed them many times during the last three years to a good, (more) stable and (more) readable solution. We reduced the complexity and they work as "good" as before our changes with less lines of code.
      I'm pretty sure we should invest more time in the script projects in the near future.

      Another "big" change was done in our logonserver. The account gmlevel is now in the character db and not in our logon db. Imagine you have no controle over the logonserver nor the logon db and you host a worldserver beside many others. You have the freedom to grant people gm access on your worldserver without worrying about the logon wide access granted by someone you may not know. This is the perfect solution for big projects with different partners so lets get together and enjoy your new freedom.

      We will no longer support any older version like arcemu or ascent, get over these old/outdated projects. AscEmu is active, improved and supported.

      That's all for now.