[AscEmu-Doc]Logon/Worldserver Communication

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    • [AscEmu-Doc]Logon/Worldserver Communication

      The way our logon-/worldserver communicates without any direct db connection is unique and provide the best solution for realms provided by different people/groups. The accounts can not be altered by a troll and permissions for a realm will be set directly for the realm in the belonging character db.

      Here a list of all implemented or future usecases:

      1. 0x001 request register realm
      2. 0x003 request session
      3. 0x005 logon ping request
      4. 0x009 realm auth request
      5. 0x00C result character mapping request
      6. 0x00D send character mapping update
      7. 0x00F login console request
      8. 0x011 account db modify request
      9. 0x014 result realm population request
      10. 0x015 (single) account data request
      11. 0x016 all accounts request

      1. 0x002 result register request
      2. 0x004 result session request
      3. 0x006 result logon ping request
      4. 0x00A result realm auth request
      5. 0x00B character mapping request
      6. 0x00E send account disconnect
      7. 0x010 result login console request
      8. 0x012 result account db modify request
      9. 0x013 realm population request
      10. 0x016 result (single) account data request
      11. 0x017 result all accounts request