Upcomming DB table changes

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  • Upcomming DB table changes

    We started this project in 2014 based on the latest arcemu version out there + the world db provided by DarkAngel39 (ArcDB).

    Our decision (develop the database) was necessary, because no one of these "old db devs" was interested to work on a new project and leave our dead presuccessor.

    After over 3 years of development + a second supported version (WotLK and Cataclysm) we come up with new requirements to our db structures.
    We already cleaned up nearly all old data and replaced them with new "correct" data. Also we already changed the structures e.g. creature_names and creature_proto is now creature_properties...

    Here is a list of our necessary changes to our db structures:

    1. table `creature_properties`
      1. rename flags1 -> type_flags
      2. rename attacktype -> attack_school
      3. replace boss, invisibility_type, extra_a9_flags, isTrainingDummy, rooted -> custom_flags
      4. move comabt_reach, bounding_radius to new table "creature_display_info" + gender definition. (remove table display_bounding_boxes -> check value highx)
      5. add table creature_levelstats (lvl+group = key)... if creature_properties min/maxhealth = 0 generate health with basic values from creature_levelstats.
    2. table `world_versions` (Holds all update files) (db versioning)

    1. rename table `account_forced_permissions` -> account_permissions
      • change account_permission to be based on id instead of acc_name(login)

    1. table `accounts`
      1. remove gm (The logonserver does not set the gm level! The gm level is set for a worldserver... check out the char_db table `account_forced_permissions`
      2. rename acct->id
      3. rename login->acc_name
  • First part of the update:


    1. --
    2. -- Update creature_properties column names
    3. --
    4. ALTER TABLE `creature_properties` CHANGE `flags1` `type_flags` int(10);
    5. ALTER TABLE `creature_properties` CHANGE `attacktype` `attack_school` tinyint(4);
    6. ALTER TABLE `creature_properties` CHANGE `unknown_float1` `base_attack_mod` float;
    7. ALTER TABLE `creature_properties` CHANGE `unknown_float2` `range_attack_mod` float;