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  • its 3.3.5a i just compiled it 2 days ago, so whatever revision that was and i think its the 32 platform, i just did whatever the default was i think

  • Like the title says GameObject Dedication of Honor Crashes world.exe the object is at the fountain in the center of dalaran, it is meant to play the lich king's fall movie to whoever clicks the object but after the lich king has been killed for first time on server but right now you can click it without needing lich king killed but wont do anything and just crashes core doesnt log error either

  • How come you cannot attack faster than 1 second? like player doesnt attack faster than 1 second even though it says you're past that with haste and stuff. spell casting speed seems to work fine though my attack speed went to like 0.70 second speed and doesnt attack that fast,its still only attacking at 1 second/1.00 speed

  • As the title says the mongoose on enchant on weapons crashes the world server, but only crashes it in combat, dont know why it does and the world server doesnt out put the error either in the crashlog. it clears the error/crashlog