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  • Thats a nice thing. Waiting for this

  • Flying in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

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    Seems like a sloppy copy of a what were posted on arcemu's forums - not working btw.

  • You can find this in the LFG dbc's. Simply add your locations and level requirments and make your MPQ

  • Kick in Configs?

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    Maybe do .kickplayer #player #reason not to be world-wide announce exept its enabled in the configs. So if example Server.ShowKickGlobal = 0 and the player beeing kicked by an gamemaster it will only been shown for the player and the gamemaster, Otherwise when Server.ShowKickGlobal = 1 it will be a Global Message that this player is kicked. (maybe show only to the faction that lost a member as global 1 faction related global, 2 global) It would make it more Blizzlike feeling and decent handling.

  • Should not be there, pls do world_update as: DELETE FROM gameobject_spawns WHERE id = 120874; Cheers

  • Individuelles Ratensystem zu allen Bezügen. Mein vorschlag: .killrate 1-20 (ändert die Erfahrungsrate bei Kills) .questrate 1-20 (ändert die Erfahrungsrate bei Quests) .explorerate 1-20 (ändert die Erfahrungsrate bei Erkundungen) .poorrate 1-20 (ändert die Dropchance von grauen items) .commonrate 1-20 (ändert die Dropchance von weißen items) .uncommonrate 1-20 (ändert die Dropchance von grünen items) .rarerate 1-20 (ändert die Dropchance von blauen items) .epicrate 1-20 (ändert die Dropchance vo…

  • Ein Optionales Feature in die Worldconfig mit einzubauen welches Querverweise zwischen den Fraktionen in BG's vornimmt, wäre ein sehr schönes Feature. Dies hätte einen sehr sehr großen vorteil für neue Server die kaum/wenige Spieler haben um trotzdem schnell in die BG's zu kommen (Zyres) Option in world.conf to enable interfaction bg groups. This would be perfect for small servers.