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TicketChaos is a simple addon to list all tickets in window. Use this addon to handle the tickets instead of commands

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Ogchaos wrote:

I would highly recommend updating the GMH ticket tracker to this version/add-on its got more features, but maybe could do with a few minor modifications.
Presenting you... the only and only "TicketChaos"
What? TicketChaos is a standalone ticket addon for both Aspire and Arcemu. It was originally created to be used on Scape and then continued for Tenacious Gaming, now it's being released for the public.
Who? Made by chocochaos, initially based on the ticket tracker in GMH, but over time rewritten to a completely different addon.
Why? Basically, the ticket addon in GMH sucks. No offense to the creator, but it's buggy and lacks many features I needed when processing large amounts of tickets. I know nothing is perfect, but TicketChaos adds a lot.
Some of the features:

  • Different interface, based on the guild window interface.
  • Order the ticket list by number (date created), name and location.
  • A counter showing the number of tickets processed.
  • Scrolling trough the pages of tickets with the scrollwheel on your mouse.
  • Built in whisper macros (you can add/remove them by clicking the whispers button on the ticket list window). After creating them they will show up in a dropdown in the ticket interface.
  • If an other GM is reading the same ticket using TicketChaos, his name is shown at the bottom of the ticket. To prevent multiple GMs from answering at the same time.
  • A button to target and root/unroot the player, only works if the player is in range.

Using TicketChaos
Opening and closing TicketChaos

  • The most obvious way is the button at your minimap. Click it to toggle the main ticket window.
  • The command /tickets will also toggle the window. Useful if you want to put it in a macro and bind it to a key.
  • The addon can also be closed using the x at the top-right of the window.
The ticket listing
  • The main window of the addon shows the list of currently opened tickets. Unread tickets are shown with the character name in yellow, already read tickets show up in white and the ticket you are currently reading is marked with a background (see the screenshot above).
  • The list has 3 columns: Number (#), Character Name (Name) and Location. The number is the order of the ticket in the queue: the lower the number, the older the ticket. The character name needs no explanation (at least I hope so!) and the location shows the current map (not zone) the player is on. By clicking on the column headers you can order by those columns. By default the tickets are ordered by number.
  • The total amount of tickets, the current page and the total amount of pages is shown at the bottom. You can scroll through the pages (if there are more than 15 tickets) using the < and > buttons or using the scrollwheel on your mouse.
  • The refresh button will refresh the list of tickets. This is also done automaticly every minute and when a new ticket is opened.
  • The whispers button is for adding/editing whisper macros. More info about that later.
Reading a ticket
  • You can open a ticket by clicking it in the list (orly?). When the ticket is opened the player is automaticly /who-ed and whisper from that person will be allowed.
  • The whisper button will allow you to whisper the person. Whisper macros are for pre-defined whispers, more info about that later.
  • The delete button will delete the ticket and block whispers.
  • The revive button will revive the player, regardless of whether the player is in-range or not.
  • The (Un)root button will target the player and root him (when left clicked) or unroot him (when right clicked). Only works if the player is in range.
  • The App/Sum buttom will make you appear to the player when left clicked and will summon the player when right clicked.
  • The close button and the x at the top-right will close the ticket, but not delete it. Whispers will be blocked again when closing the ticket.
  • If an other GM is readong the ticket at the same time and that GM uses TicketChaos too, the GM's name will be displayed at the bottom.
Using whisper macros
[indent]Whisper macros are a simple way of making pre-defined answers for common issues without having to put 20 macros on your action bars.
Adding/editing whispers:

  • To add/edit whispers, click the Whispers button on the ticket list window. A new window will popup you can use to configure the whisper macros.
  • To add a new macro, click the New button and then enter a name and a text. After that click add to save the macro.
  • To edit a macro select it in the dropdown, edit it and then click save.
Special tricks
  • If you want mtuiple whispers in one macro, put them on separate lines.
  • If you use NAME (in caps) in your whisper macro text, it will be replaced with the character name the whisper is being sent to.
  • If you use SUBJECT (in caps) in your whisper macro text you will get a popup in which you can enter a "subject" every time you send the whisper. SUBJECT will be replaced with whatever you enter in that box.
  • For example, my greeting macro:
If I use that macro for player Applejuice who has a ticket about the Druid Bear Form I would enter "Bear Form" (without the quotes) in the subject popup and the whisper would be sent as: Using the macros[/b]To use a whisper macro, simply select it from the Whisper Macros dropdown in the ticket window.

##Update Note 1.6
- Multilinesupport for tickets implemented
- Interface version updated (it is not an outdated Addon anymore)
  • Version 1.6.0

    - 42.21 kB - 23 times downloaded